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VEDANZA Artists International, Luxembourg

Based in Luxembourg VEDANZA Asbl is a registered non-profit organization working in the Arts. Established in 2006 by choreographer/dance educator  Emanuela Iacopini, movement therapist Isabell Siempelkamp and sound artist/composer Rajivan Ayyappan, VEDANZA produces mixed media performances for touring and provides educational activities for children, young people, and adults.

The aim of VEDANZA is to build a network of innovative artists working in various media such as literature, dance, sound, new media, and visual arts, and to support, create and perform contemporary work. Offering a collaborative environment to research, experiment and develop art practices with new technologies, the network welcomes artists from Luxembourg as well as other cities. In parallel, artistic practices are shared through educational programs.

The organization also hosts a vibrant agency dedicated to the development and support of health in dance – Dance Science Net - an international network of dance educators and researchers who aspire to safeguard the health and enhance the performance of dancers.

VEDANZA Asbl  -  18 rue Louvigny, L-1946  -  T 621 176 263  -

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