A monthly event Diversity of form and practice is what makes Live Room Series so interesting for audiences and artists [...]

Danse Africaine Contemporaine avec Modestine Ekete – 30 juin 2019

Inspiration des danses Patrimoniales L’objectif de ce stage proposé par Modestine Ekete est d’offrir à chaque participant l’occasion de découvrir [...]

Sounding off – 28 June 2019

Steve Kaspar  (LU) Steve Kaspar (1952 Luxembourg) participated and studied at the “Nouveau Théâtre Musical” (“Musikhochschule” Cologne) under the [...]

Sounding off – 15 June 2019

Jérôme Fohrer  (FR) Jérôme Fohrer was born in Eastern France in the region called Sundgau. He began his career with the [...]

Sascha Ley with Robert Hall – 8 june 2019

As a longtime active artist of the Luxembourgish scene, Sascha combines an acting and music career. The multi-language [...]

SOUNDING OFF – music performances in June 2019

Come in! Every weekend in June contemporary musicians come and play at VEDANZA STUDIOS in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere... A [...]

“Two to One” goes to Sweden on 31 May 2019

"Two to One" a duet extracted from UNDO will be presented at Vitlycke performing arts centre in Tanumshede, Sweden. The [...]

Axis Syllabus in Luxembourg + online classes and livestream event

AN OPEN-SOURCE RESOURCE & TOOL BOX The Axis Syllabus (AS) is a constantly evolving reference system, or lexicon for the organization [...]

Authentic movement workshop with Anne Wirth on 18-19 May 2019

“Perhaps the way that the world sees itself is changing, and the divide between participant and observer, object and intelligence, [...]

Contact Improvisation workshop with Karl Frost on 10-12 May 2019

A Convivial Dance A weekend contact improvisation workshop with Karl Frost Contact Improvisation is a 40 year old art form [...]

Directing circularity – workshop with Rhiannon Morgan on 27 Apr 2019

Directing Circularity - From the Personal to the Collective Unity The first part of the workshop proposes a dynamic collective [...]

Butoh based workshop with Yuko Kominami on 23-24 Feb 2019

Movement of becoming - Butoh based workshop Chapter : INSECTS The workshop is about movement of becoming based on butoh [...]

Axis Syllabus intensive with Frey Faust on 23-24 Feb 2019

Pivot Almighty - Axis Syllabus, C-Force and CI Pivot… a special concept in the English language, a term for the way we [...]

Urban contemporary workshop with Marco di Nardo on 19th Jan 2019

This workshop is open to anyone who has experience in contemporary dance and/or in urban styles. We will be working on cardio [...]

Indian Music live with Rajivan Ayyappan

Description  Indian Music live sessions with Rajivan Ayyappan create an imaginary live ambience through various ragas used in Northen and [...]

Contact Improvisation with Gianfranco Celestino

Contact Improvisation is a form of dance based on spontaneous movement and physical contact. The exploration of a freely [...]

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that was developed by Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, and formalised by [...]

Lunch-break contemporary dance classes

La méthode de travail de Stefano Spinelli a comme finalité de ressourcer le corps, d’éveiller l’écoute de soi et [...]

Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class flows through a series of postures integrating breath, strength, flexibility and coordination, bringing physical and mental relaxation. It includes asanas, [...]