A monthly event, Live Room Series include concerts and performances featuring contemporary artists meeting and playing together spontaneously. 06 April [...]

UNDO at Tuchfabrik Trier on 25 Apr 2018

TUFA    25 Apr 20:00    BOOK   UNDO is a new 60-minute performance project conceived by Emanuela Iacopini, Hannah [...]

Off-Center Center / A-Symmetries mixed level Axis Syllabus intensive taught by Frey Faust

The Center of Gravity migrates. Sometimes the Center is outside your body. The Center of the Body is (not) where [...]

UNDO Première at Théâtre National du Luxembourg on 16th Dec 2017

New creation at Théâtre National du Luxembourg Première 16th Dec 2017, 20h    BOOK 17th Dec 2017, 17h    BOOK 20th Dec [...]

Movement of becoming, Butoh based dance workshop by Yuko Kominami on 25-26 Nov!

The workshop is about movement of becoming based on butoh practice and the choreographer’s personal research. Movement of becoming here means [...]

Project O tour continues at the Odisha Biennale on 3rd Nov 2017

PROJECT O returns to the stage in Luxembourg, London, Trier, Bhubaneswar ... Bhubaneswar, India, Odisha Biennale, 3 Nov [...]

NEW ! Vinyasa flow Yoga

In this Vinyasa flow class we bring attention to our alignment and movement in asanas (poses) within the patterns [...]

NEW ! Contemporary dance for beginners

Cours de danse contemporaine pour débutants Un cours pour ceux qui ont toujours voulu danser, mais qui n’ont jamais [...]