Photo © Rajivan Ayyappan

9 and 10 Sep 2023 16h @ Mudam Luxembourg

Fleeting Red

Performance by Emanuela Iacopini within the framework of the exhibition of Dayanita Singh “Dancing with my camera” at Mudam Luxembourg.

Formally choosing red as a fleeting colour to move through Dyanita Singh’s images in Dancing with my Camera, choreographer Emanuela Iacopini unleashes her movement through the dynamic visual surfaces of the exhibition space to create an itinerant performance. In Fleeting Red, as a transient form of performance, the body is present as a living archive of its own history and experience. The performance is based on intuitive movement from within the most connective and responsive layers of the body, resonating with the present reality.

Photo © Rajivan Ayyappan

Duration: unknown (approx 20 min)

Performance: Emanuela Iacopini

Costume design: Anne-Marie Herkes/Rajivan Ayyappan

Commissioned by Mudam Luxembourg


Mudam Luxembourg

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