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D I V E R S E 

The launch of D I V E R S E marks a new direction for VEDANZA Artists International. D I V E R S E is a program of performances at VEDANZA STUDIOS featuring a collection of pieces from the company’s repertoire, new works produced or co-produced by the company and guest artists. Founded seventeen years ago, the company creates contemporary choreography, offers live art, exhibition and rehearsal spaces. D I V E R S E reflects the diversity of the artists associated with the company and the contexts in which they collaborate. The programming presents a diversity of artistic practices, bodies, beliefs and perceptions.


17 Mar 2024 19h

By and with Frey Faust and Francesca Pedullà
With the support of La Radice dei Viandanti ETS – Teatro la Luna nel Pozzo

Duration :43 min.

Two bodies, different in weight, mass, proportions, and wooden sticks of different length, weight, mass.
Playing with proximity and distance. Practicing an empathic gaze.
Finding strategies for intense listening, a patient, and constant transition between leading and being led. Testing the reactivity of the spatial relationship.
Reading the nature of relationships: threatening, reassuring, liberating, tender, humorous…

ELASTIC_EMPATHIC is an attempt to internalise lived or imagined experiences and instantly manifest the desire, intention, perspective of the other, and the non-human.

Artists note:
The work was born as a practice in the winter of 2021, during the second lockdown. We were both in Berlin, the dance studios were inaccessible or only for one person at a time, the desire to dance irrepressible, above all, the desire to dance together. We started practising every day in the park, improvising with 1 1/2 m sticks in respect of the infamous “social distance” mandates. ELASTIC_EMPATHIC was born from this spiritual survival strategy.


Full price: 20€ / Concessions (students, unemployed) : 10€ / Kulturpass 1,50€

To book please send an email to and make a bank transfer mentioning “your name+DIVERSE+date” to
IBAN: LU07 0023 1840 7202 8200

You can also pay (cash only) at the door on the day of the show.

For more information please contact

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