Fleeting Red

Photo © Rajivan Ayyappan 9 and 10 Sep 2023 16h @ Mudam Luxembourg Fleeting Red Performance by Emanuela Iacopini within the framework of the exhibition of Dayanita Singh “Dancing with my camera” at Mudam [...]

We Thought We Knew What We Were Doing

Photo © barbaracali@torinocity Première: 22, 24 Feb 2023 @ 20h at Théâtre National du Luxembourg – TICKETS 26 Feb 2023 @ 17h at Théâtre National du Luxembourg – TICKETS We Thought We Knew What We [...]

BLAST premiere on 10 Nov 2020

10 Nov 2020 @ 20h at Op der Schmelz - TICKET 11 Nov 2020 @ 10h at Op der Schmelz - TICKET 19 Nov 2020 @ 20h at Capé Ettelbruck - TICKET BLAST BLAST [...]

Form of a Motion/Two to one

Form of a Motion/Two to One Duet extracted from “UNDO”, a contemporary tribute to the moving human body. "UNDO" was premiered by VEDANZA at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg in December 2017, Form [...]

UNDO at Tuchfabrik Trier on 25 Apr 2018

TUFA    25 Apr 20:00    BOOK UNDO is a new 60-minute performance project conceived by Emanuela Iacopini, Hannah Ma and Rajivan Ayyappan. A contemporary creation produced and performed by VEDANZA Luxembourg, the piece [...]

TABLES – Choreography (2013)

“Tables” au TNL: un “Festen” déluré. En se mettant à table mardi soir… les plus rétifs à l’art contemporain auront pu faire table rase de leurs préjugés en la matière, [...]

NUMERIKA – Pedagogical project (2012)

Numerika is a pedagogical project involving students from the Conservatoire of Luxembourg.  A choreographic creation giving the opportunity to the young people from the advanced cycle in contemporary dance to participate [...]

THE JOB – Choreographic project (2010)

The Job est un spectacle pas comme les autres. A la croisée des chemins socioculturels, ce spectacle participatif (…) est une création plurielle de toute beauté. Une vraie réussite artistique” [...]

FARFALLE – Soundscape project (2007)

A mass arrival of skilled musicians from and around Luxembourg; different generations, different idioms, different cultures, different instruments playing together to build the Farfalle soundscape project (mass improvisation) for 30 minutes [...]