Photo © Rajivan Ayyappan


18 Jun 2023 @ 19h at Fundamental Monodrama FestivalTICKETS


“Mother” is a dance piece conceived and performed by Emanuela Iacopini in collaboration with and to the music of Rajivan Ayyappan.

“Mother” is a tribute to creation, to the desire to create. The desire to create is the motor of everything. What is creation if not transformation…? Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Inspired by water as a primordial element, “Mother” is articulated around the ocean and the mother as creative spaces. Meeting places. Spacious. Aqueous. Inside the mother, an inner sea.

At the crossroads of movement, sound, image projection and material transformation, “Mother” is a poetic exploration of what is innate, fear, courage, transformation, love.

Photo © Rajivan Ayyappan

Duration: unknown (approx 40 min)

Choreography and performance: Emanuela Iacopini

Sound design and scenography: Rajivan Ayyappan

Costume design: Anne-Marie Herkes

Production: Fundamental Monodrama Festival, VEDANZA Artists International

Partners: Sacem, Fondation Indépendance


Fundamental Monodrama Festival

12, rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

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