Photo © Bohumil Kostohryz


“Mother” is a dance piece directed and performed by Emanuela Iacopini to music by Rajivan Ayyappan. “Mother” is a tribute to creation, to the desire to create. The desire to create is the engine of everything. What is creation if not a transformation… Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. Inspired by water as a primordial element, “Mother” is articulated around the generosity of the sea and creative mother. Creative space. Meeting place. Spacious. Aqueous. Inside the mother, an inner sea.

“Mother” is a poetic solo around the body and soul of water through the body and soul of the mother. A choreographic exploration of what is innate, fear, courage, transformation, love.

Photo © Boshua

Duration: unknown (approx 20-30 min)

Choreography and performance: Emanuela Iacopini

Sound design and scenography: Rajivan Ayyappan

Partners: VEDANZA Artists International, Fundamental Monodrama Festival, Fondation Indépendance


12, rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

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