D I V E R S E 

The launch of D I V E R S E marks a new direction for VEDANZA Artists International. D I V E R S E is a program of performances at VEDANZA STUDIOS featuring a collection of pieces from the company’s repertoire, new works produced or co-produced by the company and guest artists. Founded seventeen years ago, the company creates contemporary choreography, offers live art, exhibition and rehearsal spaces. D I V E R S E reflects the diversity of the artists associated with the company and the contexts in which they collaborate. The programming presents a diversity of artistic practices, bodies, beliefs and perceptions.


25 May 2024 20h
THE ROYALS creation 

By Saju Hari with three dancers

The Royals is an attempt at social commentary on some of the absurdity of politics through dance.  It’s fair to say that many people are not impressed by contemporary politics. The Royals is a choreography based on animalistic movements. This choreography will be danced to a soundtrack/music constructed from certain emblematic political speeches.

Grandiose speeches are often used to manipulate the audience. Working with dancers in the studio to create an animalistic choreography reflecting the wild and messy nature of the world of power and politics. Juxtaposing this choreography with the soundscape of political speeches will create a choreographic tale of contemporary politics.

Choreography: Saju Hari
Sound design/music: Rajivan Ayyappan
Dramaturgy: Emanuela Iacopini
Dance collaborators/performers: Fer Flores, Robert Bridger, Sergio Mel
Production VEDANZA Artists International with the support of SACEM


Full price: 20€ / Concessions: 10€ / Kulturpass 1,50€


Call-Center: +352 47 08 95 1 (Lundi au vendredi: 13h00 – 18h30)

Or send an email to info@vedanza.org and make a bank transfer mentioning “your name+DIVERSE+date” to
IBAN: LU07 0023 1840 7202 8200

You can also pay (cash only) at the door on the day of the show.

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