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UNDO is a new 60-minute performance project conceived by Emanuela Iacopini, Hannah Ma and Rajivan Ayyappan. A contemporary creation produced and performed by VEDANZA Luxembourg, the piece is a research and tribute to movement of the human body.

Interpreted by seven dancers and one musician the piece deconstructs the history of dance practices, techniques and conformity from 17C right through to contemporary improvisation and exploration.

UNDO is part of an on-going research project on fascia and is inspired by the work of fascia pulsology therapist, BMC® practitioner, and dancer Florence Augendre, by Annemari Autere’s (Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis) method BalletBodyLogic®, by Vera Orlock’s approach to The volumetric body, by Maria Leao’s doctoral study La présence totale au mouvement, and by the on-going research platform Axis Syllabus initiated by Frey Faust. The scientific backbone of this project refers to the work of Dr. Schleip (ULM University), Sergio Paoletti (University of Trieste), Dr J-C. Guimberteau MD, Tom Myers and other explorers of the fascia net.

Moving through a set of choreographic illustrations based on the chronological history of dance techniques, UNDO explores the forming and informing of movement-making today. Every body has a story to tell, developing their own archival history and memory that allows the body to move accordingly.

Fascinated by the organic perspective of dance making, in this project dance artists continue to question and rework techniques and forms that were previously learnt and ‘pasted’ onto bodies for generations. UNDO explores dance practices within an unconfined space in accordance with the needs and innovation of the contemporary mind.

Experimenting “from head to toe, from front to back, from interior to exterior” through the fascial net of connective tissue, dancers delightfully reinterpret their collective past and dive into the present.

A new creation at Théâtre National du Luxembourg, UNDO premiered in Dec 2017.