“Two to One” goes to Sweden on 31 May 2019

"Two to One" a duet extracted from UNDO will be presented at Vitlycke performing arts centre in Tanumshede, Sweden. The performance will be followed by a talk “Implications for Dance of the Science on Fascia” [...]

UNDO at Tuchfabrik Trier on 25 Apr 2018

TUFA    25 Apr 20:00    BOOK   UNDO is a new 60-minute performance project conceived by Emanuela Iacopini, Hannah Ma and Rajivan Ayyappan. A contemporary creation produced and performed by VEDANZA Luxembourg, the piece [...]

Project O tour continues at the Odisha Biennale on 3rd Nov 2017

PROJECT O returns to the stage in Luxembourg, London, Trier, Bhubaneswar ... Bhubaneswar, India, Odisha Biennale, 3 Nov 2017     BOOK Trier, TUFA, 28-29 April 2017   BOOK London, Arts Depot, 23rd April 2017    BOOK [...]


FASCIA, FASCIAE, FASCIAE, FASCIAM, FASCIA, FASCIA Letting movement be. 3rd Nov 2015 at 19h Research project by Emanuela Iacopini. With Annemari Autère, Florence Augendre, Tania Soubry, Hannah Ma, and Emanuela Iacopini. Sound recording: [...]

JUNGALA – Performance for children (2013)

“A la croisée de la danse contemporaine, de la musique et du multimédia, Jungala est un conte merveilleux et poétique qui subjugue petits et grands… Fabuleux!” (Le Jeudi, 23 mai 2013) [...]

TABLES – Choreography (2013)

“Tables” au TNL: un “Festen” déluré. En se mettant à table mardi soir… les plus rétifs à l’art contemporain auront pu faire table rase de leurs préjugés en la matière, tant les disciplines [...]

NUMERIKA – Pedagogical project (2012)

Numerika is a pedagogical project involving students from the Conservatoire of Luxembourg.  A choreographic creation giving the opportunity to the young people from the advanced cycle in contemporary dance to participate in the making [...]

THE JOB – Choreographic project (2010)

The Job est un spectacle pas comme les autres. A la croisée des chemins socioculturels, ce spectacle participatif (…) est une création plurielle de toute beauté. Une vraie réussite artistique” (Le Jeudi, 8 [...]

GOOSE BUMPS! – Pedagogical project (2008)

Questioning the production of foie gras Goose Bumps is a short choreographic piece commissioned by the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, TROIS C-L, for their 2008 edition of the Spectacle de Noel: [...]

FARFALLE – Soundscape project (2007)

A mass arrival of skilled musicians from and around Luxembourg; different generations, different idioms, different cultures, different instruments playing together to build the Farfalle soundscape project (mass improvisation) for 30 minutes at [...]

A FOUNTAIN FOR INSTANCE – Pedagogical project (2007)

“Le spectacle d’Emanuela Iacopini, interprété par trois danseuses a convaincu le public… ” (La Voix, 2 avril 2007) An alarm, an electric guitar, and a book: three states of mind and [...]

PERMANENT IMPERMANENT – Choreography (2006)

Wanting to discriminate between what is permanent, and therefore real, and what is rather not, this piece was created in love for the consistency of all living things. Permanent Impermanent is a solo piece [...]