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Axis Syllabus/CI intensive with Frey Faust on 28-31 Jan 2022

Axis Syllabus intensive with Frey Faust: Perma-CI, mutual resource management for improvised partnering Contact-Improvisation is a forum for playful interaction, where the union of intention invites the partners into relationship. Both can now begin to consider the choices and proposals and skills of the other as mutual resources, and each will find themselves lending [...]


A monthly event Diversity of form and practice is what makes Live Room Series so interesting for audiences and artists alike. It includes performances and concerts where artists meet and play together spontaneously with liveness. Sculptors, poets, musicians, dancers, performers, or media artists form drawings or sketches experimenting with moments of encounter as the [...]

Danse africaine et Chants poliphoniques avec Modestine Ekete – 28 Nov 2021

“La connexion intérieure à travers la danse et le chant” Danser ou chanter seul permet de plonger profondément dans la découverte de soi. Mais quand on danse / chante à plusieurs, la connexion s’opère et on peut atteindre le sommet de la montagne. Si le chant polyphonique d’Afrique est l’autre dimension musicale sans instruments [...]

LIVE ROOM 23 Oct 2021

Alex Riva flutes acoustic&amplified and Silvan Schmid trumpet acoustic&amplified will play for the 36th edition of the Live Room. Live Room Series is a monthly event curated by Rajivan Ayyappan at VEDANZA STUDIOS. Doors open at 20:00, registration necessary, please write to info@vedanza.org to book Entrance on donation, suggested amount 10+ € http://vedanza.org/live-room-sessions/ [...]

TAKING BREATH Yoga class with Emanuela Iacopini

Taking Breath is a wholistic yoga class that aims at increasing peace of mind while regenerating the body. We address coordination, elasticity, internal alignment (vs outer lines), strength and balance as complementary elements. Through the awareness of the breath in both movement and meditation the practice aims at bridging physical and mental relaxation. Following [...]


Rajivan Ayyappan is an independent artist and designer who works with sound. His work primarily involves spatial play around sound. In order to expand the field of materials for such explorations, he chooses live, free improvised performances that are not recorded, alternatively he devotes his time on recorded artworks; sound design, field recording (listening), [...]


Emanuela Iacopini is a dancer and choreographer active within the international artistic and scientific communities revolving around movement and somatics. She works in live creations, performances, film, video and in educational settings. She graduated in dance and chemistry and was certified as a bodywork, Reiki and Yoga practitioner and more recently as an Axis [...]

LIVE ROOM 18 Sep 2021

Live Room comes back on 18th Sep 2021 with Fabrice Bez (accordion), Emanuela Iacopini (movement), Jérôme Fohrer (contrabass), Anne Wirth (text/movement), Franck Hemmerlé (percussion), Rajivan Ayyappan (sound) meeting for the 35th edition of the Live Room. Live Room Series is a monthly event curated by Rajivan Ayyappan at VEDANZA STUDIOS. Doors open at 21:00, [...]

Refresh your BalletBodyLogic with Annemari Autere 3-4 July 2021

We are happy to announce the next workshop in the series of the Dance Science Net program: BalletBodyLogic master class with its founder Annemari Autere BalletBodyLogic, created by Annemari Autere, is an innovative approach to movement analysis. Her vision of the muscular system consisting of inside and outside muscles where technique is taken care [...]

BLAST on tour: 12 Jun 2021 Coimbra Portugal

12 Jun 2021 @ SET festival, Convento Sao Francisco, Coimbra BLAST BLAST is the latest choreographic production by VEDANZA Luxembourg created and performed by Emanuela Iacopini (IT/LU) in collaboration with Frey Faust (US/DE), Yuko Kominami (LU/JP/PT), and Saju Hari (UK/IN) to an original sound track by Rajivan Ayyappan (IN/LU).  BLAST reflects on destruction and creation, [...]