Letting movement be.

3rd Nov 2015 at 19h

Research project by Emanuela Iacopini. With Annemari Autère, Florence Augendre, Tania Soubry, Hannah Ma, and Emanuela Iacopini. Sound recording: Rajivan Ayyappan.

Partners: VEDANZA, TROIS-CL, Dance Science Net.

Description of the project

“FASCIA FASCIAE…” is an experiential anatomy research work looking into subtle physiological awareness, leading to a choreographic outcome organised and inspired by the fascial movement and consequent adjustment of body parts; an involuntary embedded pre-movement arising from the body physiology it-self.

While removing any voluntary neuro-motor commands as well as any expressionistic intention, the body may become perceptive of the movement of the fascia and move into bare dynamics of the very present moment. The body exists as the archive of its own history, telling it through unconfined live dance.

Dynamic postural mechanisms optimize giving an incredible sensation of freedom and safety in movement. Choreographically, individual distinct pathways of physiological perceptions find “in phase” or “out of phase” moments with regards to time, space, intensity or intention.

This research project was inspired and nourished by the works of dance artists A. Autère, M. Leao, F. Augendre, V. Orlock, and F. Faust.

Information and bookings

In the frame of the 3 du TROIS, no bookings needed, entrance free on a first come first served basis, donations welcome.

Banannefabrik, 12 rue du Puits, L-2355 Luxembourg, t +352 40 45 69, danse@danse.lu.