Axis Syllabus/CI intensive with Frey Faust on 28-31 Jan 2022

Axis Syllabus intensive with Frey Faust: Perma-CI, mutual resource management for improvised partnering Contact-Improvisation is a forum for playful interaction, where the union of intention invites the partners into relationship. Both can now begin to consider the choices and proposals and skills of the other as mutual resources, and each will find themselves lending [...]

TAKING BREATH Yoga class with Emanuela Iacopini

Taking Breath is a wholistic yoga class that aims at increasing peace of mind while regenerating the body. We address coordination, elasticity, internal alignment (vs outer lines), strength and balance as complementary elements. Through the awareness of the breath in both movement and meditation the practice aims at bridging physical and mental relaxation. Following [...]

Axis Syllabus in Luxembourg + VIDEO RECORDINGS

AN OPEN-SOURCE RESOURCE & TOOL BOX The Axis Syllabus (AS) is a constantly evolving reference system, or lexicon for the organization and cross-correlation of empirical and scientific findings from the study of human movement. This includes anatomical details, physics, practical applications, research, analysis and transmission. The AS was founded by Frey Faust in the late 90's. [...]

Refresh your BalletBodyLogic with Annemari Autere 3-4 July 2021

We are happy to announce the next workshop in the series of the Dance Science Net program: BalletBodyLogic master class with its founder Annemari Autere BalletBodyLogic, created by Annemari Autere, is an innovative approach to movement analysis. Her vision of the muscular system consisting of inside and outside muscles where technique is taken care [...]

The Axis Syllabus in Application – Dancing together and apart – Frey Faust 21-22 Nov 2020

We are happy to announce the next workshop in the series of the Dance Science Net program: The Axis Syllabus in Application - dancing together and apart The Axis Syllabus is the instrument of a world wide effort to facilitate education and literacy in movement. Movement education/literacy is much the same as linguistic literacy. [...]

Contemporary dance workshop with Saju Hari 14-15 Nov 2020

Saju Hari's contemporary dance style is an amalgam of his experience as a dance artist working across styles and various concepts. His style is also based heavily on the earthy movement quality of his base training in Kalarippayattu, the Indian Martial art. Saju will take the participants through a dynamic and creative dance process working with [...]

Contact Improvisation workshop with Karl Frost on 24 Oct 2020

Two Body System We explore moving together as an interdependent system, providing and accepting support and opportunities for movement and flight in a constantly changing puzzle. We explore ease in motion and the pleasure of compression and off-balance. This Contact Improv workshop will be taught by Karl Frost live on ZOOM while the participants [...]

Contemporary dance for beginners

Cours de danse contemporaine pour débutants Un cours pour ceux qui ont toujours voulu danser, mais qui n’ont jamais osé mettre un pied dans un cours de danse, et pour ceux qui ont déjà quelques notions, et qui veulent retrouver le bonheur de danser. A travers des enchaînements simples, nous explorons des principes élémentaires [...]

Professional development opportunities

Professional Development opportunities include a  series of training, qualifications, and conferences for professionals working in and around dance. Drawing from dance medicine and science research, professional development programs aim at developing awareness of a safer dance practice. These programs are for dance related professionals including choreographers, company directors, dance teachers, managers, health-care professionals, movement therapists. [...]

Yoga workshop with Peter Roussel, Sun 26th Feb 2017

Freestyle yoga practice event A combination of Hatha yoga practices to make you smile. Tea and lunch breaks make meeting each other easier. Long hours mean we can go slow and cover plenty of details and corrections. All levels. Description There will be relaxation postures to prepare for some sitting meditation. Pranayama practice with detailed instructions [...]

Indian music studies: Raagas and Improvisation

dian music Description of the workshop Raagas or Ragams are essentially a tonal frame-work used in traditional south Asian music for improvisation and composition. The workshop will introduce and explore two dominant raga systems used in Northen and Southern Indian music (Hindustani music and Carnatic Music). There will be 6 sessions [...]