Multiple artistic disciplines integrate to create with the children fantastic projects to be exhibited, performed or published.

Supervised by working artists the workshops are designed as a series of exciting multi-media sessions in creative movement, sound art, and visual arts.

The aim is to offer the children a rewarding and challenging opportunity to understand various media, materials, and tools through playful explorations while developing their concentration, confidence, and creative skills.

1. Creative movement
As part of the interdisciplinary art workshops, the physical awakening includes sessions designed to increase proprioception, familiarise children with yoga, and contemporary dance while exploring their body in movement. Every workshop will begin and/or end with a relaxation time and a movement exploration.
2. Sound art
These sessions create a collaborative atmosphere to enjoy working with sound and music. It includes buildingmusical instruments, making sounding objects, sound toys, experiencing sound walks…
3. Visual arts
Children will be encouraged to discover different materials and tools and guided into drawing, painting, typography, calligraphy, mask making, book binding, etc. At the end of the working period an open door event will culminate the work of the participants.

For whom

Boys and girls from age 5+ can enrol for the workshops.
Classes are delivered in English (we speak French, Luxembourgish, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Mallaialam)

Days and times
Tuesday 16h45-17h45 – Visual arts workshop (age 7-9)
Saturday 14h30-16h30 – Interdisciplinary workshop (age 5-7)

VEDANZA STUDIOS, 18 rue Louvigny, L-1946 Luxembourg-city centre.

Prices per trimester
Visual arts workshop (1hr class): 180€* per trimester or 18€ per class
Interdisciplinary workshops (2hr class): 230€* per trimester or 25€per class
Music classes (guitar, percussion) (40 min individual class): 35€
*concessions available for multiple children.

Payment details:
To book your place in a course, please send us an email mentioning the name of the child, which day/days you’d like to join, and make a payment in advance by bank transfer. You may also make a cash payment on the first day of the course (but your place may not be booked till then).

Thank you for making bank transfers mentioning the name of the child and the day of the course to:
Name: VEDANZA Asbl
IBAN: LU07 0023 1840 7202 8200
VEDANZA STUDIOS – 18 rue Louvigny, L-1946 – Tel 2627 0572 –