Courses for ADULTS

Urban contemporary workshop with Marco di Nardo on 18th Jan 2019

This workshop is open to anyone who has experience in contemporary dance and/or in urban styles. We will be working on cardio exercises and strength training with an [...]

Authentic movement workshop with Anne Wirth on 1st Dec 2018

Authentic Movement in Mover-witness-dances  In this workshop we explore the polarities of moving and being moved as well as touching and being touched. What moves [...]

ContactTango workshop with Gabi Koch on 17-18 Nov 2018

ContacTango Connecting through the depth – exploring corkscrew movement We touch the deep knowledge that is ingrained in the body of every single one of us. [...]

Fasciapulsology and movement workshop with Florence Augendre on 20 Oct 2018

Atelier d’introduction au toucher fasciapulsologique et corps en mouvement . « La Fasciapulsologie est une thérapie manuelle fondée et développée par Christian Carini (IFCC- Paris). [...]

Indian Music Deep Listening with Rajivan Ayyappan

dian music Description  The Indian Music Deep Listening sessions create an imaginary live ambience through various ragas used in Northen and Southern Indian music (Hindustani and [...]

Contact Improvisation with Gianfranco Celestino

Contact Improvisation is a form of dance based on spontaneous movement and physical contact. The exploration of a freely improvised movement nourished by the contact [...]

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that was developed by Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, and formalised by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The set [...]

Lunch-break contemporary dance classes

La méthode de travail de Stefano Spinelli a comme finalité de ressourcer le corps, d’éveiller l’écoute de soi et de sa propre créativité en augmentant [...]

Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class flows through a series of postures integrating breath, strength, flexibility and coordination, bringing physical and mental relaxation. It includes asanas, basic principles of pranayama and meditation and is delivered from a [...]

New! Contemporary dance for beginners

Cours de danse contemporaine pour débutants Un cours pour ceux qui ont toujours voulu danser, mais qui n’ont jamais osé mettre un pied dans un [...]

Body Mind Centering BMC® classes – Dancing from within: de l’anatomie à l’expression

Dancing from within – de l’anatomie à l’expression Contenu : Danser, percevoir dans le repos ou découvrir dans l’action les potentiels de mouvement et d’expression [...]

Professional development opportunities

Professional Development opportunities include a  series of training, qualifications, and conferences for professionals working in and around dance. Drawing from dance medicine and science research, [...]

Indian music studies: Raagas and Improvisation

dian music Description of the workshop Raagas or Ragams are essentially a tonal frame-work used in traditional south Asian music for improvisation and composition. The [...]

Courses for CHILDREN

Sound & Music sessions for children

Description All music classes, including guitar, percussions (hand drumming), and electronic music are individual lessons 45min long. Days and times to be arranged [...]

Dance Science Net educational activities

Educational activities are aimed at Dance students of all levels from beginners to university students. The aim of this pedagogical program is to raise [...]

Interdisciplinary Art workshops for children

Multiple artistic disciplines integrate to explore with the children fantastic journeys into their creativity and skill learning! Supervised by working artists the workshops are designed [...]

Sophrologie: L’atelier Bulle pour les enfants

L’atelier Bulle est une invitation à un voyage ludique, à la découverte de soi et du monde qui nous entoure. Virevoltant entre jeux, créativité artistique, musique, [...]