Courses for ADULTS

Movement of becoming, Butoh based dance workshop by Yuko Kominami on 12-13 May 2018

Chapter IV - Bird The workshop is about movement of becoming based on butoh practice and the choreographer’s personal research. Movement of becoming here means the movement [...]

NEW ! Vinyasa flow Yoga

In this Vinyasa flow class we bring attention to our alignment and movement in asanas (poses) within the patterns of our natural breathing patterns of [...]

Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class flows through a series of postures integrating breath, strength, flexibility and coordination, bringing physical and mental relaxation. It includes asanas, basic principles of pranayama and meditation and is delivered from a [...]

Lunch-break contemporary dance classes

La méthode de travail de Stefano Spinelli a comme finalité de ressourcer le corps, d’éveiller l’écoute de soi et de sa propre créativité en augmentant [...]

NEW ! Contemporary dance for beginners

Cours de danse contemporaine pour débutants Un cours pour ceux qui ont toujours voulu danser, mais qui n’ont jamais osé mettre un pied dans un [...]

Body Mind Centering BMC® classes – Dancing from within: de l’anatomie à l’expression

Dancing from within – de l’anatomie à l’expression Contenu : Danser, percevoir dans le repos ou découvrir dans l’action les potentiels de mouvement et d’expression [...]

Professional development opportunities

Professional Development opportunities include a  series of training, qualifications, and conferences for professionals working in and around dance. Drawing from dance medicine and science research, [...]

Indian music studies: Raagas and Improvisation

dian music Description of the workshop Raagas or Ragams are essentially a tonal frame-work used in traditional south Asian music for improvisation and composition. The [...]

Courses for CHILDREN

Sound & Music sessions for children

Description All music classes, including guitar, percussions (hand drumming), and electronic music are individual lessons 45min long. Days and times to be arranged [...]

Dance Science Net educational activities

Educational activities are aimed at Dance students of all levels from beginners to university students. The aim of this pedagogical program is to raise [...]

Interdisciplinary Art workshops for children

Multiple artistic disciplines integrate to explore with the children fantastic journeys into their creativity and skill learning! Supervised by working artists the workshops are designed [...]

Sophrologie: L’atelier Bulle pour les enfants

L’atelier Bulle est une invitation à un voyage ludique, à la découverte de soi et du monde qui nous entoure. Virevoltant entre jeux, créativité artistique, musique, [...]