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The Court Dancing class is organised by Court Dancing Luxembourg/Zsofia Csaba.

“Pavane, polonaise or the Viennese waltz as it was danced in the 19th century?  In this class, you will learn some of the most fascinating dances of European ballrooms of the 16-19th century and a bit about their times. The choreographies are based on figures and sequences noted down by famous dance masters of the given age and are danced to authentic music. Our classes have two objectives: to share the beauty of European court dances in their full splendour and the joy of dancing together…”

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Dates and times

Tuesdays 6.30-8.00 pm


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Zsófia Csaba

Zsófia Csaba is a certified dance instructor with a passion for teaching and
performing historical dances. Her dance education is based on classical
ballet and jazz ballet and includes a wide variety of styles from ballroom
dancing through Argentine tango to different European folk dances.
She gives classes and workshops for adults and kids in court dances and
stretching with classical music since 2017. She creates choreographies,
performs in movies, at balls and other cultural events in Luxembourg, and
represents the country abroad with the folklore group Vallée des Sept
Her wish is to share the beauty of European court dances and the joy of
dancing together. She would like to inspire people to incorporate movement
to classical music into their weekly routine as a social activity that keeps
the body fit while elevating the spirit and pleasing the soul.

– Certified Dance Instructor—Manager of Fitness and
Recreational Programs 
 -Teacher Training Course 2018, 2019: Dance Characters from the
Renaissance to the 18th Century (by Dr Rita Széll, Hungarian Dance
Academy, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music)
-Former performing member of Pavane historical dance group (12