Indian Music live sessions with Rajivan Ayyappan create an imaginary live ambience through various ragas used in Northen and Southern Indian music (Hindustani and Carnatic Music) as well as through Indian soundscapes.

Raagas or Ragams are essentially melodies used in traditional south Asian music for improvisation and composition. Indian soundscapes are compiled by Rajivan Ayyappan from in his field recordings.

These open-practice concerts last one hour and can be accessed at one’s own pace with silent access in and out of the room. Rajivan will be singing and playing for you, and you can relax, lye down, sit, read, write, draw, move or sleep for as long as you feel good about it and then leave… Please leave a donation on your way in or out.

Days and times

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Rajivan Ayyappan

Rajivan Ayyappan works as a sound designer, composer and visual artist for film, video, live performances, and installations. He studied extensively South Indian and North Indian music, receiving early vocal training (1970-1986) and complementary training in string and percussion instruments. He graduated in visual communication from the National Institute of Design, India. He has presented his work at various art spaces and festivals internationally including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Köln, Theater and der Parkaue in Berlin, Irfan Sahinbas Stage in Ankara. His sound design projects for films include Printed Rainbow by Gitanjali Rao (three awards at the Cannes festival in 2006), and The reluctant fundamentalist by Mira Nair.