Authentic movement workshop with Anne Wirth on 1st Dec 2018

Authentic Movement in Mover-witness-dances  In this workshop we explore the polarities of moving and being moved as well as touching and being touched. What moves us when we move? And how do we move when we are actually moved by someone? What movement is generated when we have a witness? In this introduction to [...]

ContactTango workshop with Gabi Koch on 17-18 Nov 2018

ContacTango Connecting through the depth – exploring corkscrew movement We touch the deep knowledge that is ingrained in the body of every single one of us. Through embodied anatomy, i.e. through visualisation and diving into our body system, we sense and move in various supportive qualities. In this case we experience different lines/structures in the [...]

Fasciapulsology and movement workshop with Florence Augendre on 20 Oct 2018

Atelier d’introduction au toucher fasciapulsologique et corps en mouvement . « La Fasciapulsologie est une thérapie manuelle fondée et développée par Christian Carini (IFCC- Paris). Elle implique un toucher particulièrement doux et précis, permettant d’accéder à la perception des membranes conjonctives, qui constituent le maintien cohérent des structures du corps autant que leur équilibre [...]

Yoga workshop with Peter Roussel, Sun 26th Feb 2017

Freestyle yoga practice event A combination of Hatha yoga practices to make you smile. Tea and lunch breaks make meeting each other easier. Long hours mean we can go slow and cover plenty of details and corrections. All levels. Description There will be relaxation postures to prepare for some sitting meditation. Pranayama practice with detailed instructions [...]