November 2016

Lunch-break contemporary dance classes

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La méthode de travail de Stefano Spinelli a comme finalité de ressourcer le corps, d’éveiller l’écoute de soi et de sa propre créativité en augmentant la conscience de son propre corps, de son poids osseux, […]

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September 2017

NEW ! Vinyasa flow Yoga

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In this Vinyasa flow class we bring attention to our alignment and movement in asanas (poses) within the patterns of our natural breathing patterns of inhalations and exhalations. We learn to work carefully and […]

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March 2017

February 2017

Yoga workshop with Peter Roussel, Sun 26th Feb 2017

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Freestyle yoga practice event

A combination of Hatha yoga practices to make you smile. Tea and lunch breaks make meeting each other easier. Long hours mean we can go slow and cover plenty of details and corrections. All levels. […]

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