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Workshop de Rythmes et Chants Traditionnels Béninois avec Eric Acakpo (Benin) 22 sep 2019

Le musicien Eric Acakpo est originaire de Ouidah, capitale de la culture Vaudou, un des lieux centrales de la traite d'esclaves, carrefour de différentes ethnies et lieu de rencontre avec la culture brésilienne. Pendant le stage, il partagera la polirythmie sophistiquée de certains rythmes traditionnels d’origine Fon, Yoruba, leur origine, leur signification ainsi que [...]

Contact Improvisation with Gianfranco Celestino

Contact Improvisation is a form of dance based on spontaneous movement and physical contact. The exploration of a freely improvised movement nourished by the contact between two or more dancers is central to this proposition. The practice-created environment provides a safe space to engage in physical dialogues, while playing with elements such as gravity, [...]

All Yoga classes

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga with a set sequence that integrates breath, movement, and gaze within the asanas (poses). Through our focus on breath, asana, pranayama, and meditation, we learn to create space so that we can learn to move with more ease, grace, and stability, experiencing the effects of [...]

Indian Music live with Rajivan Ayyappan

Description  Indian Music live sessions with Rajivan Ayyappan create an imaginary live ambience through various ragas used in Northen and Southern Indian music (Hindustani and Carnatic Music) as well as through Indian soundscapes. Raagas or Ragams are essentially melodies used in traditional south Asian music for improvisation and composition. Indian soundscapes are compiled [...]

Sascha Ley with Robert Hall – 8 june 2019

As a longtime active artist of the Luxembourgish scene, Sascha combines an acting and music career. The multi-language vocalist, improviser, composer, actress and poet likes walking along unconventional paths in her musical output embracing free and jazz improvisation, imaginary folklore, contemporary music and reaching out for extended vocal techniques. She studied in Amsterdam, Bombay, [...]

Authentic movement workshop with Anne Wirth on 18-19 May 2019

“Perhaps the way that the world sees itself is changing, and the divide between participant and observer, object and intelligence, is diffusing into field activity.” –Antony Gormley In this workshop we explore the polarities of moving and being moved as well as touching and being touched. What moves us when we move? And how do [...]

Contact Improvisation workshop with Karl Frost on 10-12 May 2019

A Convivial Dance A weekend contact improvisation workshop with Karl Frost Contact Improvisation is a 40 year old art form exploring the possibilities of bodies moving through physical contact. In this workshop, we explore the conviviality of contact improvisation... the interdependence and lively togetherness of exploring the physics of two bodies in a system of [...]

Directing circularity – workshop with Rhiannon Morgan on 27 Apr 2019

Directing Circularity - From the Personal to the Collective Unity The first part of the workshop proposes a dynamic collective warm up drawing from sports science techniques that focus on co-ordination, agility and stamina that refine all-around availability for a multitude of movement potentials. Progressively elements from techniques such as Cunningham and Release will be [...]

Butoh based workshop with Yuko Kominami on 23-24 Feb 2019

Movement of becoming - Butoh based workshop Chapter : INSECTS The workshop is about movement of becoming based on butoh practice and the choreographers’ personal research. Movement of becoming here means the movement towards dissolving into something else – a process of metamorphosing. Butoh is a dance which has its roots in the new dance [...]

Axis Syllabus intensive with Frey Faust on 23-24 Feb 2019

Pivot Almighty - Axis Syllabus, C-Force and CI Pivot… a special concept in the English language, a term for the way we overcome or use friction to spin or shift our limbs or supports on the floor and/or on our partners. Shifting pivot points is the pretext for spiral motion, which in turn allows us to negotiate [...]

Urban contemporary workshop with Marco di Nardo on 19th Jan 2019

This workshop is open to anyone who has experience in contemporary dance and/or in urban styles. We will be working on cardio exercises and strength training with an interest in discovering our own physicality and consider elements of injury prevention. The workshop also addresses body awareness exploring different qualities of movement such as body isolate or tatting and focusing [...]